Friday, March 31, 2017

SOL31, Meh4

SOL31, Meh4

So, the challenge is done.
What did it gain us?
A peek into each others lives?
Losing about 20 hours of our lives?
When you think about it, we gain little.
So why do it?
Is it for the sense of completion?
Forming into a group of people?
So it is done.
In the long term,
It is just meh.
I spent time I can never regain,
and I spent it for apparently no reason.
So why did I do it?
Maybe it was so I know that I did something other people didn't.
Maybe it is that I did it last year.
Maybe it is that my friends do it.
I do not know.
But I did it.
Will anyone remember this after March?
Probably not.
But we did.
And we won.
So, congratulations to everyone that did it.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

SOL30, Dog Sitting

Displaying image1.JPGSOL30, Dog Sitting
This week our family is watching over our neighbors dog, Casey. We already have one dog who is a mix-golden retriever, who is very energetic, even though she is old. Casey is a large burly white dog who is droopy and not very energetic. She likes to chew on toys, which our dog does not. They are just opposites, yet they like each other. As we live right next to a park,  it is goose season. This morning, a goose flew onto our roof, and both dogs went crazy. They were barking and pacing about, something that neither of them would normally do, but because there were two of them they did. Casey is one of those dogs who wants to see everyone in the house, all the time. Take this morning. I woke up to the sound of her avidly ramming against the door to my room, so I let her in and she instantly left.

At the beginning of our time dog-sitting her she was very relaxed because of separation anxiety. When we would come into our house, she would just look at us, lying on the floor, and she would wag her tail by avidly thwacking her tail into the floor behind her. She is now more comfortable, so now she runs over to us and wags her tail instead. It is cute. Sadly, she has to be returned to her owners on Saturday, sadness. Anyways, she is very cute, droopy, and old, so she is good.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

SOL29, Musicals

SOL29, Musicals

Musicals are in my blood, I have grown up with them and my entire family loves them. Take today for example, I decided to watch The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, two classics that I love. I have seen both of them many times, but enjoyed them this time again. I know all of the songs, as my family also does. Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals are pretty impressive, and are some of my favorites. Some of my fondest memories are of watching very old (1930-50) musicals with my grandmother, who also particularly enjoys them, specifically Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a very old, interesting musical that is very dark and weird. There are many happier musicals that I also enjoy, such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, another weird one. I have watched many musicals, but stick with the classics, such as the ones I saw today. Our family watches a wide variety of movies, though. Take right now. We are currently watching The Fifth Element, a confusing old science fiction movie about the end of the world. Just look it up. Anyways, our family enjoys an odd variety of things, especially musicals.
Looking at the days prompt, i guess this ends up sort of applying.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SOL28, Guinea Pig Reverse Haikus

SOL28, Guinea Pig Reverse Haikus

For those that do not know, I own two guinea pigs, Norman and Bamboo. They are cute, but needy and sometimes obnoxious, and yes, squeaky. Today, for example, they were very squeaky, loud, and kind of intrusive.

They sit, squeaking in their cage,
nothing I can do,
they will not accept any food.

I hold them for quite a while,
it is to no avail,
they squeak no matter my efforts.

Oh well, I have to give up,
they are there squeaking,
forevermore, for all time.

I just wish they would be quiet,
for they are guinea pigs,
and guinea pigs will always squeak.

Monday, March 27, 2017

SOL27, Another one

SOL27, Another One

Another one I say as I write,
trying to complete my march plight.
Any topic I could scheme,
from cars to whipped cream,
of writing on them I can only dream,
for my life is not that fascinating,
and writing I would be hating.
So, while this slice is like yesterdays
and it wont amaze,
because I am writing it in a hurried craze,
hopefully this last minute style post is just a phase.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

SOL26, Nothing

SOL26, Nothing
I have given up,
I really have no clue.
I have been slices for so long,
I h ave written quite a few.
Now, I have ran out,
and this slice will probably fail,
so this is what I have,
A poem to no avail.
So this is my slice for the day,
it is really sad.
But, at least it counts,
even though it is not very rad.
So this is it,
I have nothing planned,
so this slice will be quite short,
and it will have nothing grand.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

SOL25, Lonely Frankie

SOL25, Lonely Frankie

For those that do not know, Lonely Frankie is the single fish at the bottom of my blog. If you have not already, go down and pay him a visit. He really appreciates the love 💙. I took him under my fin this Wednesday. He used to be a homeless fish living in the reef, until I added him to my small family. 

Frankie’s old home was in the great barrier reef. Due to global warming and tourism his home was destroyed, and he soon realized that his coral home would never be the same. He joined a small group of fish migrating across the sea to America, a land supposedly filled with many fish and reef families. He swam up the Colorado River to Denver, but to no avail. All he found was a large amount of people and marijuana shops. He settled into his daily routine of sleeping through his depression, and at nights he would swim to different puddles in streets hoping to get run over.

He no longer found a reason to live, and he just wallowed in dank, murky puddles constantly filled with other fish, and he was not happy at all. He eventually swam up through the city and into more urban neighborhoods. Gladly, I found him once he got into one of the lakes in Wash Park, and I brought him to the empty tank at the bottom of my blog, where he now happily resides in its dark colors.

It has been several days since he has tried to be run over, and he is now happily living. He is a permanent part of the blog family of my home page, and is a guest in this post. Hopefully once he is rehabilitated he can be released back into his home, and I can find him a family.